Solidarity: Two Young Syrian Patients Arrived in Ragusa Through Humanitarian Corridors

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Solidarity: Two Young Syrian Patients Arrived in Ragusa Through Humanitarian Corridors

Rome (NEV), January 12, 2018 – In Ragusa (Sicily), the virtuous synergy between churches, civil society, health workers and volunteers has allowed two seriously ill Syrian brothers to be immediately treated. The two children who arrived through the humanitarian corridor from Lebanon on October 27 2017 at Roma-Fiumicino together with their parents, were hosted at the Casa delle Culture in Scicli (RG), a project of Mediterranean Hope - Immigrants and Refugees Programme promoted by the FCEI. The FCEI together with the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Waldensian Board has been promoting the #humanitariacorridors which have already brought to safety a thousand very vulnerable refugees. This is the case of the two brothers, suffering from a severe form of hereditary anaemia: Thalasso-drepanocytosis. « Now they have been completing their third transfusion” Giovanna Scifo, Manager of the Casa delle culture (House of Cultures) said. She pointed out how the operators of the Thalassemia Centre of the Local Health Unit took care of the two children, even still waiting for their health documents and IDs and showing great generosity and helpfulness.

 Giuseppe Tavolino, President of the F.A.S.T.E.D. SICILIA ONLUS (Federation of Sicilian associations of thalassemia, hemoglobinopathies and sickle cell disease) carried out the bureaucracy and covered the expenses. In a letter of appreciation to express gratitude to Mr. Tavolino and the Dean of the Centre, Giovanna Scifo became spokesperson for the family of the two young patients, expressing gratitude for the treatments and the tests that allowed the two brothers with thalassemia to rapidly access their therapies. «Our children are making good progress» concluded Giovanna Scifo.


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