Mediterranean Hope Reaches Bosnia

read in italian Rome (NEV CS/04), 17thFebruary 2021 – A new “frontier” for the migrant and refugee programme of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy: Bosnia. […]

Agriculture: EU funds should be linked to respectfor workers’ rights

read in italian Rome (NEV), 18thFebruary 2021 – the clause on “social conditionality” already approved by the European Parliament on 21st October 2020, makes the provision […]

Syria and the right to health / 1. “Sanctions kill more people than war”

LEGGI  IN ITALIANO   A three-episode editorial by Luciano Griso, doctor in charge for the Medical Hope Project, a program that provides health care to migrants. […]

Save Lives, Look After Public Health. Press Release from the Forum Lampedusa Solidale

SAVE LIVES, LOOK AFTER PUBLIC HEALTH The Forum LampedusaSolidale, which has for years been committed to working for the island community of Lampedusa, in the light of […]

“Ora i calabresi”. La risposta di MH al vicepresidente della Regione

Mediterranean Hope, insieme a Medu, Sos Rosarno e altre associazioni impegnate nella Piana di Gioia Tauro, hanno risposto alle dichiarazioni del vice presidente della Regione Calabria, […]

Nuovo naufragio a Lampedusa. Il racconto di MH

Alberto Mallardo, operatore de Mediterranean Hope, programma rifugiati e migranti della Federazione delle chiese evangeliche in Italia, racconta l’ultimo naufragio Roma (NEV), 25 novembre 2019 – […]

Horrifying testimonies from Lampedusa

ITALIAN VERSION (NEV) The Mediterranean Hope operators on the island have collected testimonies of torture and violence suffered by migrants in Libya, which demonstrate the urgent necessity […]

Luca Maria Negro (FCEI): Shame On Us If We Forget 3rd of October

ITALIAN VERSION Lampedusa (NEV), October 4, 2018 – The president of the FCEI Pastor Luca Maria Negro said “We need to keep alive the memory and […]

Paolo Naso (FCEI): “A Confused Management of the SAR Area Endangers Human Lives”

ITALIAN VERSION (NEV) Last night 70 people landed Lampedusa after long hours of waiting with the buck being passed from Italy to Malta At 2.45 last […]