In Bosnia, on the border with Croatia, the Day Centre assists people in transit and, with a therapeutic climbing centre , provides a space for relationships and inclusion for the local community and migrants.



The project in Bosnia is MH's most recent and there are two lines of intervention in the Bihać area on the border with Croatia: 'Balkan Rope', a therapeutic climbing project, and the 'Day Centre' for people crossing the Balkan route.

At the end of January 2022, the Day Centre, financed mainly by the Dutch Protestant churches and initiated in cooperation with the Bosnian association Compass 071, opened its doors, offering people on the move the opportunity to take a shower, use washing machines and dryers, get a change of clothes, recharge their phones, and have a social moment with workers and volunteers over coffee. The Day Centre also supports the most vulnerable local population through the distribution of food parcels and basic necessities. Bihać, in the canton of Una Sana, is a place of transit for those who attempt the 'game', trying to cross the border with Croatia and Slovenia to reach Italy and other EU countries. The game is made up of crossing attempts and rejections, constant violence by border police, physical abuse, humiliation and harassment, a game that few can 'win'.

The therapeutic climbing project, Balkan Rope (financed in large part by the Waldensian and Methodist Otto Per Mille tax allocation ) opened the Flamingo Loophole gym in June 2022. The gym was set up in a space provided by the municipality, in cooperation with the local association Spectrum. A free therapeutic climbing gym aims to create opportunities for encounters and social cohesion and targets both the local population (adults and children) and migrants, especially unaccompanied minors. This sport has been recognised as therapeutic for dealing with states of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and promotes physical and psychosocial well-being, gender equality, inclusion, interpersonal skills and trusting relationships.