«Open Europe»: Assistance to Excluded Migrants


Gian Mario Gillio – Riforma

Legal assistance and sanitation kits provided by the operators of Diaconia Valdese, Oxfam and Borderline Sicilia.
On Thursday 19th the Project “Open Europe” will be presented in Rome at 11.30 in the press-room of the Chamber of Deputies in Via della Missione, 4. On Lampedusa isle, CSD Diaconia Valdese, Oxfam Italia and Borderline Sicilia have activated this assistance to support immigrants and asylum seekers who have been excluded from the reception system. Legal assistance and sanitation kits are some of the services that the operators will provide in Sicily using a van which has been equipped for this scope.
“We would like to give help and hospitality, especially to vulnerable people who, after fleeing war and violence, may exercise their right asylum, by accessing the reception services provided for by the Italian law. In addition, we would like to ensure legal and humanitarian support to local communities and the entire population”, said Massimo Gnone, Immigration Coordinator for Diaconia Valdese in an interview with Riforma.it. “I believe that our commitment together with Oxfam Italia and Borderline is useful to everyone. For example, to reduce the number of people without papers that are wandering the street in Sicily and are often at the mercy of criminal gangs or illegal hiring. I think that our commitment represents an aid to the legal, educational and inclusion processes that have promoted by institutions and associations in Sicily”.
On Thursday, it is expected the welcoming by Louis Lacquaniti, Waldensian and member of the Defence Commission and of the Committee for the effects raised by using depleted uranium; it is also expected the welcoming of Khalid Chaouki, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and President of the Culture Committee of the Union for the Mediterranean’s Parliamentary Assembly (PA-UfM). Moreover, there will be an introductory welcoming by Giovanni Comba, President of CSD’s Synodal Commission and Roberto Barbieri, Managing Director of Oxfam Italia and the interventions of Massimo Gnone, CSD’s Immigration Coordinator, Alessandro Bechini, Director of Oxfam’s programmes in Italy and Paola Ottaviano, representative for Borderline Sicilia.