Refugees: The Polish Church Chose Humanitarian Corridors



The Polish Bishops’ Conference entrusted the local Caritas to realise humanitarian corridors in Poland for the refugees arriving from Syria as this morning informed in a press release of the Community of Sant’Egidio.

“It is an important sign of how in Europe humanitarian corridors became a model that combines humanity and security allowing the arrival in our country of more than 200 Syrian and Iraqi refugees thanks to an initiative promoted by the Community of Sant’ Egidio, together with FCEI and the Waldensian Board in agreement with the Italian government” informed Sant’Egidio.

Pastor Luca Maria Negro, President of FCEI (Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy) positively commented: “Even the FCEI, partners with Sant’Egidio and Waldensian Board of the humanitarian corridors project, welcomes this news. The FCEI has improved the relationship with European sister churches to consider the possibility of launching similar initiatives.” “As a matter of fact, said Luca Maria Negro – I was invited to present the humanitarian corridors project at the meeting of CEPE’s (Community of Protestant Churches in Europe) Presidium that took place in Rome on June 10th and 11th. It is a sign of growing interest about this topic”.

“The Community of Sant’Egidio hopes that the proposal of the Polish Church can be realised as soon as possible by making agreements with government and institutions. And again, the Community of Sant’Egidio send a call to all European countries to apply such reception model that promotes an easier integration into our society. “