#Sinodovaldese. The Synod Join the Welcome Manifesto by FCEI

Torre Pellice (Turin), August 28 2018 (SSSMV/10)-  This afternoon the Synod of the Waldensian and Methodist churches has become part of  the Welcome Manifesto submitted on August 8, 2018 by the board of the FCEI.

“Our Manifesto affirms the rights of the vulnerable ones because we believe that the hate and xenophobia present in the Italian Government’s political discourse is very alarming – the Waldensian pastor Maria Bonafede, member of the FCEI Council, said. It is an important mean that moving from our Lord words reminds us not only of our vocation, but also the biblical orientation to love our neighbour. And since each one of us is stranger to someone else, by welcoming the stranger we also love ourselves.”

“Every form of racism is a theological heresy”, says the document, which opens by quoting the bible about reception and foreigners’ rights. The Manifesto has other 8 points which reiterates the false contrast between welcoming immigrants and the needs of Italian people; calls for inter cultural exchange within the framework of our Constitution; international protection and protection of rights; and  good practice as the humanitarian corridors. In addition, the document calls for a communication that respects dignity and stands against xenophobia and racism, by claiming the exasperation of the public debate on the issue of migration. The last two points are an appeal to our European sister churches for the reception of asylum seekers and urge their governments to promote policies for sharing migratory flows in a framework of common solidarity and responsibility, recalling the love of God, which is stronger than the selfishness of individuals and nations.

Download the full-length Welcome Manifesto