Once the first reception stage is over, MH accompanies asylum seekers on the road to inclusion in Italian society.




In Rome, within the offices of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI) is MH’s National Headquarters - Migrant and Refugee Programme of the Federation of Protestant Churches. This arrangement ensures FCEI’s participation in awareness-raising campaigns on migrant themes, Protestant representationand an ongoing relationship with Protestant and international ecumenical organisations concerned with migration, primary among which is the Churches’ Commision for Migrants in Europe (CCME) , based in Brussels. The arrangement also ensures FCEI’s participation in institutional meetings and collaboration with other organisations.

The Rome office coordinates reception for participants in the “Humanitarian Corridors” programme, be they destined for accommodation directly linked to FCEI, that of the Waldensian Diaconate or other organisations.

MH’s Rome office carries out consultation and support activities, accompanying asylum seekers on the road to inclusion in Italian society. In particular, it’s there that MH has its Relocation Deskwhich, in conjunction with other local and national organisations - and using FCEI’s relationships with various European churches - is constructing a solidarity network geared to supporting integration. The National Headquarters is also responsible for reception in various centres across Rome and Lazio. Between 2015 and 2018, it facilitated reception activities for dozens of asylum seekers within the “Humanitarian Corridors” programme at Casal Damiano (Latina), bringing to life various social and intercultural initiatives.


Still within the realm
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of collaboration with various European churches, the Rome office also operates a desk financed by theOtto per Mille tax allocation of the Lutheran Church for the benefit of migrants living in other European countries who are sent back to Italy (the first country of entry) by those other states in implementation of the Dublin Regulation. Thanks to this desk, it is possible to accompany the so-called “Dubliners" who are signposted by churches abroad as they are reinserted into the national reception system.


The Rome office at Via Firenze has been co-ordinating the Protestant churches involved in the "Welcoming Europe campaign" since April 2018. The initiative aims to collect signatures in support of three changes to EU law aimed at bringing an end to the crime of “solidarity; to extending refugee sponsorship programmes ; and to strengthening mechanisms for upholding the civil rights of migrants and refugees.

Welcoming Europe is a European Citizens’ Iniitiative (ECI), a democratic tool provided for by EU Regulation 211/2011 which permits citizens to ask the European Commission for a legislative instrument on Community policy through the certified collection of 1,000,000 signatures within a twelve month period from a minimum of seven member states. Once the signatures have been deposited, the Commission has three months within which to decide whether to review the legislation currently in force, giving reasons for its decision.

The Italian committee is made up of the following organisations: Radicali Italiani, Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), Legambiente, Cnca, Fondazione Casa della Carità, Oxfam, Comitato Verità e Giustizia per i Nuovi Desaparecidos del Mediterraneo, AOI, Agenzia Scalabriniana per la Cooperazione e lo sviluppo, ActionAid, Csd, A Buon Diritto, Acli, Arci, Baobab Experience, CILD. Other committees are at work in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary.



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