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Mediterranean Hope – Refugee and Migrant Programme of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), is a project funded in large part by the Otto per Mille tax allocation of the Waldensian Church - Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches , and by other FCEI member churches such as the Christian Protestant Baptist Union of Italy and the Protestant Lutheran Church in Italy. Amongst Mediterranean Hope’s supporters also figure various foreign ecumenical churches and agencies such as the Protestant Church of Westphalia (EkvW), the Church of Scotland, HECKS, the Reformed Church in America and various Protestant communities in Italy.

The project is also supported by individual donors, in Italy and abroad, whose donations permit FCEI to continue to protect the rights of refugees and migrants, to support their social and cultural integration in our country and to raise awareness of themes such as immigration, asylum, racism, discrimination and interculturality.

If you would also like to suppport us, you can do this via bank transfer and in the reference you can specify whether the donation is to be used for:

1. Mediterranean Hope
2. Mediterranean Hope – Lampedusa
3. Mediterranean Hope – House of Many Cultures
4. Mediterranean Hope – Humanitarian Corridors
5. Medical Hope
6. Mediterranean Hope - Rosarno

If your donation is earmarked for Lampedusa the funds will go principally towards first reception of migrants (water, food, thermal covers), and facilitation of local initiatives. If earmarked for the House of Many Cultures in Scicli (Ragusa), the donation will go towards items such as clothes, educational or recreational materials housed in our facility and towards social integration projects. If earmarked for Humanitarian Corridors , the donation will support the cost of travel and reception. Medical Hope provides medical support for those refugees in transit countries who are denied access to treatment for want of financial resources.
If your donation is earmarked for Rosarno, nella Piana di Gioia Tauro, promuoviamo una filiera Etika dei prodotti agrumicoli, diritti e giustizia sociale per i lavoratori. Abbiamo avviato "Dambe so - la Casa della dignità", un ostello autogestito per i braccianti. Il Rosarno Film Festival e Luci su Rosarno sono solo due delle tante attività realizzate da MH in Calabria.

Bank details for your donation are as follows:  Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche in Italia
IBAN: IT26X0200805203000104203419

We thank you for your generous contributions and support!