Those Who Do Not Leave

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Rome (NEV), April 24th, 2019 – The “Lo sguardo dalle frontiere” (A Look from the Border) editorial is written by operators of Mediterranean […]

From the war in Syria to Italy, thanks to the Humanitarian Corridors: “So we could start over again”

LEGGI IN ITALIANO from Valerio Nicolosi via TPI,  April 26th 2019 A 30-seater minibus crammed with more than 100 people, all fleeing from Aleppo where for […]

Refugees: On March 28th a New Arrival from Lebanon Through the Humanitarian Corridors by the Protestant Churches and The Community of Sant’Egidio

LEGGI IN ITALIANO The 54 Syrian refugees will be welcomed by associations, parishes and communities in different Italian regions to immediately facilitate their integration. A welcoming event […]

Blows to the stomach

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Simone Scotta (NEV) “Lo sguardo dalle frontiere” (Outlook from the Border) editorial is written by team members of the Federation of Protestant Churches […]

#corridoiumanitari 1400 People Arrived in Italy Until Now

LEGGI IN ITALIANO (NEV) At the Fiumicino airport, 82 Syrian refugees from Lebanon arrived via a safe and legal way. Welcomed by the sponsors organizations and government authorities. Paolo […]