Up against the border

LEGGI IN ITALIANO FCEI/MH has opened a new “construction site” in Rosarno aimed at intervening in the overwhelming social hardship of thousands of immigrants living in […]

Migrants Rescued by the Sea Watch: the FCEI Writes to the European, Canadian and US Churches

LEGGI IN ITALIANO “A Coherent and Sustainable Management for The Migration Flow of the Mediterranean Sea is Needed.” Rome (NEV), May 21th, 2019 – The president […]

“Sulla Dannata Terra” The Story of the Nardò strike by Francesco Piobbichi

LEGGI IN ITALIANO An interview with Francesco Piobbichi, operator and social cartoonist of Mediterranean Hope, author of the book “Sulla Dannata Terra” (On the wretched earth) […]

The Mediterranean Sea the Sole Witness: The Story of Ons

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Rome (NEV), March 26th, 2019 –The “Lo sguardo dalle frontiere” (A Look from the Border) editorial is written by the operators of Mediterranean […]

The Plane

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Rome (NEV), 17 April 2019 – The “Lo sguardo dalle frontiere” (A Look from the Border) editorial is written by operators of Mediterranean […]

Mediterranea in Lampedusa

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Lampedusa (NEV), March 20th, 2019 – After months we are back to welcome those who could escape from Libya. “Liberté, liberté, liberté” the […]

Libya, Terre des Hommes and FCEI provide specialised medical care for the most vulnerable children

LEGGI IN ITALIANO The new project promoted by Terre des Hommes, together with Mediterranean Hope – the Refugee and Migrant Programme of the Federation of Protestant […]

Migrants: “Resettle, Relocate, Integrate” a New Project Is About to Start

LEGGI IN ITALIANO The FCEI will participate “to improve/put into practice our humanitarian corridors and reception model” Rome (NEV), February 7th, 2019 – A new European […]

“50,000 visas to get people out of Libya,” the Mediterranean Hope coordinator told TPI

LEGGI IN ITALIANO TPI met with Paolo Naso, coordinator of Mediterranean Hope, the migration project promoted by the Italian Protestant Churches (Valerio Nicolosi, via TPI) More […]