Temptation Island

Leggi in Italiano Lampedusa (NEV), 4 August 2021 – It is all too easy to talk about Lampedusa just in terms of the hordes of people […]

The plane and the boat

Leggi in Italiano The “Lo sguardo dalle frontiere” (A Look from the Border) editorial is written by the operators of Mediterranean Hope (MH), the project promoted by […]

You Are My Brother and My Sister

Leggi in Italiano Published by MH-Press on 08/06/2021 The feature “A Glimpse from the Border” is curated by the team from Mediterranean Hope (MH), the migration […]

Mediterranean Hope: “Out of the Darkness”, a new project kicks off in Calabria

Leggi in italiano   A new grass roots solidarity initiative, in Camini, a little Calabrian municipality and positive model of reception.  Migrants from the Jungi Mundu […]

Siria e diritto alla salute / 3. La guerra non è finita, serve mobilitazione

Terza e ultima parte dell’editoriale in tre puntate del medico Luciano Griso, responsabile di Medical Hope. Guerra, sanzioni, precarietà, insicurezza, coronavirus: le minacce che gravano sulla […]

Appeal to EU and Greek Government to evacuate the camps on the Greek islands

March 23th, 2020 – The Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), has subscribed to an appeal released by Torsten Moritz, General Secretary of Churches’ Commission […]

Greece, FCEI: “Ready to replicate Humanitarian Corridors”

Luca Maria Negro, president of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI) launches “An appeal to Europe’s moral and political conscience to save thousands of […]

Open Arms migrants disembark at Lampedusa

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Rome (NEV), 21 August 2019 – Last night the migrants saved by Open Arms finally disembarked at Lampedusa. There to greet them at […]

Humanitarian Corridors in Parliament

LEGGI IN ITALIANO Rome (NEV), 1 July 2019 – Humanitarian Corridors land at the Chamber of Deputies. This morning, in the Sala della Regina in Montecitorio, […]