The President of the FCEI: “Solidarity to NGOs rescuing at sea”

Pastor Luca Maria Negro, President of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy: “Some principles should not be protected because they are popular, or because they […]

A welcome manifesto: this is a church that welcomes

The board of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy approved a manifesto to say NO to xenophobia. Every form of racism is a theological heresy. […]

Lampedusa, the safe harbour. 31 Libyans have landed

Rome (NEV), 13 July 2018 – All 31 libyans who landed today at lunchtime in Lampedusa have been rescued. The group included 17 children, several women, […]

Paolo Naso (FCEI): “Against False Promises, We Are Called to Freedom”

We publish here below, the speech given by Paolo Naso on July 8 from Radio1 Rai for the column “Essere chiesa insieme” of the broadcast Culto […]